Support & Training

Optimising your PLM ecosystem through support and training

We assist you throughout your PLM project, and provide technical support as well as standard and customised training solutions based on both our industry knowledge and educational expertise.

Keep your information systems running and up to date is a priority, this is why we offer various levels of support depending on your needs and systems complexity. We can also monitor data creation, flows and quality so as to maintain high levels of performance.

Our courses are delivered by certified trainers with a world-wide coverage at your or our facilities, and include multiple channels: class-room style, video conference, E-learning, Rapid learning, etc… Thanks to our training partnerships we are accredited to provide software-vendor training courses.


  • Assistance and coaching to create complex and multi-national support organisations
  • ITIL expertise to support effective process organisation in full compliance with the standards
  • Existing pool of 100 supporters in the field of applications and data quality
  • Remote support on a multi-national environment
  • Innovative and automated processes and tools for support organisation


  • Training, coaching and seminars with standard or bespoke course material on client or mainstream PLM solutions.
  • Full Course design or customisation on specific domains (exercises, process & methods, customised functions …)
  • Educational support for HR and Training Departments