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Digital careers offer plenty of exciting opportunities that are not always identified by youngsters. Chloé, a PLM Consultant at CIMPA, shares her experience in a video for pupils created by Onisep (a French information and advice institution) to help young audiences understand what her job entails and what makes it so rewarding!



The world is facing an unprecedented crisis.
Under these circumstances, our priority is to protect the health of our employees, customers and partners, while ensuring business continuity.
Today, most of our teams are working from home, and those whose work requires their presence on site are working under full compliance with public health authorities’ recommendations.

This crisis is radically modifying the way companies organise themselves, work, and interact. Digital technology can provide answers to these huge challenges by bringing individuals closer together, boosting unity, and creating new services.

As of now and in keeping with its values centred on responsibility and people, CIMPA is mobilised to anticipate major upcoming changes and address its customers’ future expectations.





Last in our series of testimonials focusing on women in the digital sector, Karine, Programme Manager for Defence with a strong Engineering background, tells us about her career path and the challenges she’s met. “Throughout the various roles I’ve had in my career, I find that confidence and perseverance are essential to succeed! And don’t let yourself get impressed by the sometimes very male world around us”. Watch below her full interview.




Continuing our series of testimonials focusing on women in the digital sector, Louise Decoster, a young graduate with a passion for aviation, answers our questions. “My academic experience hasn’t been all plain sailing but now I have proven myself as an Aviation Maintenance Consultant and as an Air Force reservist. I really enjoy working in the digital sector as there is so much to discover and to do!”.

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual #WomenInTech

Watch her full testimonial here

"TogetHER for greater balance" is a corporate initiative from Sopra Steria, to promote gender equity and better understand the impact of stereotypes. 


As part our corporate initiative, "TogetHER for greater balance" by Sopra Steria, to promote gender equity, we publish a series of internal testimonials focusing on women in the digital sector, for the International Women's Day. To kick off this series, we start with Elodie Dambre, recently appointed Business Unit Director at CIMPA, interviewing her about her career path, her choices and her challenges. She comments: “After literary studies, I joined an aerospace company and seized new opportunities in technical domains. A piece of advice? Stay true to your values, believe in yourself!”. 

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual #WomenInTech

Au titre de l'année 2018 : l'Index égalité professionnelle de CIMPA SAS est de 88 points / 100.
Au titre de l'année 2019 : l'Index égalité professionnelle de CIMPA SAS est de 88 points / 100.
La société reste mobilisée sur ses objectifs en matière d'égalité professionnelle. 



CIMPA and Caipture, the Agilitest solution publisher, have collaborated for over a year to set up a methodology of industrial development based on Dassault Systèmes' 3D EXPERIENCE platform. Find out in this article how this cooperation opened new perspectives and enhanced performance [article in French].


Let's open up new horizons together in 2020!

On the road to success, the key is to always look ahead. May you reach your destination, and may your journey be wonderful. Happy New Year!


"What makes me proud": watch the testimonial of Chloé, Consultant at CIMPA and how she gives true meaning to her work [video (link below) in French].
"What makes me proud is to put people first and help them succeed in their projects and initiatives", Chloé explains as part of her assignment with an aircraft manufacturer.



The 53rd International Paris Air Show 2019 has confirmed the mounting fierce competition in the world of aerospace. In this context, data, digital tools and artificial intelligence are now precious bargaining chips to accelerate transformation and turn these challenges into opportunities. 

Whilst the 2019 Paris Air Show has obviously confirmed the commercial energy in the sector by generating some 140 billion EUR (126 billion GBP) in contracts, it has also highlighted the challenges faced by the aeronautic industry. 

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